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New Collection by Nettie Farris: The Wendy Bird Poems
Author Update

A new collection by Nettie Farris has been released from Dancing Girl Press. The Wendy Bird Poems continues the short-line style we saw in Communion (Accents Publishing, 2013). Here are some comments about the chapbook by Jeremy Paden and Katerina Stoykova-Klemer:

Indeed! I simply adore these slender poems. Farris knows how to spin and craft and shape the smallest of poems, how to turn the word as on lathe to shave away all that is unnecessary. It is not that she has grown accustomed to the diminished size, it is that she works with the tension between what is said and unsaid, with the tiniest of head nod and wink, and in the smallest of spaces she lays bare great psychological drama that opens up into insight. Do not think because the line is minimal and the poem short that you can skim across the surface of these words.

-Jeremy Paden,
Author of ruina montium
(Broadstone Books, 2016)

The Wendy Bird Poems is a truly unique book, and Nettie Farris is a truly unique poet. The collection encompasses a tender love story, so delicate, that it needs to be told not in sentences, not in words even, but in syllables. The content is distilled to such an extent that we need to be aware of the importance and the weight of every sound. Nettie Farris gives us a huge gift with this book – not only does she present a new kind of poetry, but also she teaches us to read in a new way, to see poems anew. Dear reader, enjoy this work, read it slowly and multiple times. These poems will teach you about sound, lineation, intention.

-Katerina Stoykova-Klemer,
Senior Editor/Founder Accents Publishing

Nettie’s book is currently available at the Dancing Girl Press & Studio website.

Black Bone: Affrilachian Poets 25th Anniversary Reading & Book Release
Poetry Readings

Black Bone is an exhibit at Transylvania University’s Morlan Art Gallery that will run from January 13th through February 14th. This Thursday, January 19th, will be a public reading and book release party with several Affrilachian Poets, including Accents published authors Jeremy Paden and Bianca Spriggs. (more…)

“I approach disaster carefully”: an interview with Jeremy Paden

Accents Editor Christopher McCurry interviews Jeremy Paden about his newest collection, ruina montium (Broadstone Books, 2016), which uses poetry to tell the story of 33 miners in a Chilean mine who survived for 69 days before being rescued.

Christopher McCurry: How do you approach disaster/tragedy in a poem?

Jeremy Paden: I approach disaster carefully. Actually, I avoid it. I avoid it and avoid it and avoid it until I can’t. And, I think the only way to answer this question is in the specific way I responded to this unique tragedy. This singular event.

Tragedies and disasters all share pain, all unfold according to a script of grieving and mourning, of anger and loss, of faith and loss of faith. So in that sense they seem universal—everyone has known loss—and our response to tragedy seems also scripted—whether the gawking, or the schadenfreude, the fear and helplessness, or the money given to charities, even the quick forgetting. But each and every one is singular and unique.

As this disaster unfolded, a colleague and good friend of mine kept telling me I should write about it. At the time, and for several weeks, I felt that the most disrespectful thing to do would be to write about it. I thought it would be a form of ambulance chasing, and I wanted nothing to do with ambulance chasing because that seems so self-involved.

But the days dragged on. And contact was established. And letters and food and videos were sent back and forth. And then on the night of October 13 they were brought up one by one. I didn’t write a poem that night. But, when I saw Byron, the son of the foreman, breakdown crying as his father stepped out of the capsule, I started voraciously reading all I could about the men and about the rescue. And I began to write, compelled. It was that hug. That young boy sobbing in his father’s arms told me, you can write about this, about them, just stay true to that moment. (more…)

Spalding MFA Presents a Celebration of Kentucky Poets
Poetry Readings

On Sunday, the Spalding MFA in Writing will hold a reading by established poets from around the state, including Accents-published poets Jeremy Paden (Broken Tulips, 2013) and Frederick Smock (The Deer at Gethsemani: Eclogues, 2011). The event is part of a weekend-long celebration that includes a faculty reading on Saturday and an open house Sunday morning.

Readings will include:

Click here for event information from the Kentucky Literary Calendar.

When: Sunday, November 13, 2016 @ 5:30-6:45pm
Where: Spalding University
Egan Leadership Center
901 S 4th St
Louisville, KY 40507
(502) 873-4400

Jeremy Paden & Thomas Zemsky Reading, Open Mic
Poetry Readings

Ruina Montium by Jeremy Paden (Broadstone Books, 2016)On Thursday, October 20th at the Carnegie Center in Lexington, Kentucky, Jeremy Paden and Thomas Zemsky will be reading from their newest poetry collections from Broadstone Books. The event will begin with an open mic at 6pm.

Jeremy Paden (author of Broken Tulips) is an Associate Spanish Professor and Program Director for the Foreign Languages department at Transylvania University as well as an Affrilachian Poet. His newest collection, ruina montium (Broadstone Books, 2016), delves into the 33 miners trapped in a copper mine in Chile in 2010.

After the Storm by Thomas Zemsky (Broadstone Books, 2016)Thomas Zemsky has an MFA from the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop and spent a long time working with the International Book Project. After the Storm (Broadstone Books, 2016) draws on Zemsky’s fifty years of writing poetry. According to the book’s description, Zemsky talks about:

themes as diverse as a presidential inauguration and a letter from Frankenstein’s creature, with a horse on a ladder and a cast of other memorably improbable characters along the way, all served up in language that is delightfully quirky and often subversively wry.


Click here for the Facebook Event page

Click here for more information from the Kentucky Literary Calendar

When: Thursday, October 20, 2016 @ 6pm
Where: Carnegie Center
251 W. Second St.
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 254-4175

Upcoming Poetry Events
Poetry Readings

Over the next couple weeks, Kentucky offers opportunities to eat world cuisine while enjoying a reading, listen to the Affrilachian Poets while sipping on beer, and share an open mic with two esteemed poets.

These event listings came from the Kentucky Literary Calendar. (more…)

& Grace: Selections from Lexington Poetry Month 2015

We are pleased to announce the title of the upcoming Lexington Poetry Month Anthology:

“& Grace: Selections from Lexington Poetry Month 2015”

The title is taken from Jeremy Paden’s poem “Wreck: A Noun” which is one of the 141 poems by 141 poets featured in the anthology.

Stay tuned for more details about the cover and the release.

Accents Publishing Best of the Net Nominations

Accents Publishing is happy to announce our recent nominations for the Best of the Net.  Poems were selected from the Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge 2015.

“Beggarticks” by Jeremy Paden

click for more info

Whether the heart latches on first
like beggarticks on a passing pair
of socks, or if it’s the body

that stumbles and remembers
as it falls a world resplendent,
everything shines in that light.

Is the passing of that joy
written on the walls
of each heart by a fiery hand?

Or was it that you and I
found ourselves numbered
among those fated to fail?

Jeremy Dae Paden,
Broken Tulips
Accents Publishing

Jeremy Paden

“Lagniappe” by Jeremy Paden

Broken TulipsSilence prolongs its
stay, a lover grown distant,

nothing to pass between
us but this

lingering in the doorway,

and then you offer
watermelon, cold,

brought up this afternoon
from the well, melon left

in the dark water too long
then given by you to me

with the dolmas left over
from yesterday’s meal.

Jeremy Dae Paden,
Broken Tulips
Accents Publishing

Jeremy Paden