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Eating Turtles: An Anecdote from Eric Scott Sutherland

Last month, the Chevy Chaser and Southsider published an article I wrote about the 100th installment of the Holler Poets Series (click here for event info). For the article, I interviewed Eric Scott Sutherland during a slow night at Al’s Bar. I recorded our 45-minute conversation and later transcribed it.

Below is a story Eric told that I wanted to share. This story came up because I asked, “What got you into nature conservation?” (more…)

Holler 100 in the Media
Author Update

This Friday, September 30th, marks the 100th Holler Poets Series event at Al’s Bar as well as the last monthly installment of the series. While series founder Eric Scott Sutherland hasn’t made any concrete plans, he has hinted that it will continue in some form, just not as a monthly series and not necessarily at Al’s Bar.

Below are a few news articles about Holler 100.


National Poetry Month in Lexington
Free Poetry Events

This month, there are quite a few events in Lexington, Kentucky celebrating National Poetry Month. Here are a few of them.

If you would like any events added to our event calendar, please click here to contact us.

Teen Howl 52 featuring Josh Rivera

Teen Howl 52 with Josh RiveraThis Thursday, April 7th, at 6pm, the Morris book shop. Hosted, as always, by Elizabeth Beck and Jay McCoy. Open mic sign-up starts at 5:45pm.

Thursday, April 7, 2016
6pm @ the Morris book shop
882 E High Street,
Lexington, KY 40502 (more…)

Holler 92: DaMaris Hill, Nettie Farris, The Woodsheep
Poetry Readings

The 92nd Holler Poets Series will feature readings from DaMaris Hill and Nettie Farris accompanied by music from The Woodsheep.

DaMaris Hill is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and African American and Africana Studies at the University of Kentucky. Her latest poetry collection, \ Vi-zə-bəl \ \ Teks-chərs \ (Visible Textures) (Mammoth Publications, 2015) are inspired by GPS technology and deal with the space in Kansas of a 2013 highway that was, in 1854, an Indian reservation.

Nettie Farris LexPoMo 2015Nettie Farris is the author of Communion (Accents Publishing, 2013) and—most recently—Fat Crayons (Finishing Line Press 2015). According to her 2015 LexPoMo bio, Nettie spends her spare time writing poems, practicing yoga, attending mass, praying the rosary, and, like Alice, going to tea parties.

The Woodsheep bandcamp album coverThe Woodsheep are Andrew Preston and Austin Tackett. Hailing from Morehead, Kentucky, The Woodsheep “aim to highlight the diversity, creativity, and storytelling that abound in their ever-evolving eastern Kentucky home by shoring up their own roots” (source).

Open mic sign-ups start at 6:45. Also, don’t forget the cold, hard cash for books, albums, and donations into the Holler Bucket.

Along with the announcement of the 92nd Holler Poets Series reading, Eric Scott Sutherland announced that the 100th show would be the last monthly installment of the series.

Facebook Event page.

When: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 @ 8pm
Where: Al’s Bar
601 N. Limestone
Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 309-2901

Interview with Eric Scott Sutherland about the Holler Poets Series

Eric Scott Sutherland speaks about what the Holler Poets Series is and what it’s meant to him. He describes it as a place where “the poet can be the rock star for the night.” He also says that it’s all about empowering everyone who comes out, poet and audience.

“The beauty of Holler is that we’ve had people who’ve never thought they’d get onstage and open their mouths and share something. That almost brings more pleasure to me than someone trying to get a writing career, publish a book, which are great things.”

The Holler Poets Series is the last Wednesday of every month at Al’s Bar in Lexington, Kentucky.

The above video was created by Brandon Turner of Unsung Hero Media.

“How to Keep from Going out of Business” by Eric Scott Sutherland

Pendulumy’all take stamps here?

man eats salt not pepper
from a tiny paper packet

you’d get more business if you did

-Eric Scott Sutherland,
(Accents Publishing)

Eric Scott Sutherland

KY Great Writers, Spring 2015
Free Poetry Events

KY Great Writers Spring 2015The KY Great Writers Series will be tonight at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in Lexington, KY. An open mic will precede the event at 7pm and sign-ups will begin shortly before that.

Joe Survant Joe Survant hails from Owensboro and was the Poet Laureate of Kentucky from 2003-2004. His newest book, The Land We Dreamed: Poems(University Press of Kentucky) came out in February.



Eric Scott SutherlandEric Scott Sutherland is a hawk watcher, Kentucky creek walker, tree loving Lorax, community and event organizer, the author of two chapbooks and the full-length collection incommunicado (2007). pendulum (Accents Publishing) is his fourth book of poems. He is the creator and host of Holler Poets Series, a monthly celebration of literature and music since 2008. Eric makes his nest in Lexington. Follow Eric and Holler at

Erin KeaneErin Keane recently released Demolition of the Promised Land, a collection of poetry that has Bruce Springsteen as “guide, ghost, and accidental guru” (source). She has also published Death-Defying Acts and The Gravity Soundtrack. She is also a pop culture writer with published articles all over the place.


When: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 @ 7pm
Where: The Carnegie Center
251 W. Second St.
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 254-4175

Pages & Pints | Chapter 3 | Ron Houchin, Denton Loving, & Eric Scott Sutherland
Free Poetry Events,

Pages & Pints 3 Ron Houchin, Denton Loving, & Eric Scott SutherlandPages & Pints will meet tomorrow night at Apollo’s Pizza in Richmond Kentucky. The guests will be Ron Houchin, Denton Loving, and Eric Scott Sutherland.

Ron Houchin lives across the Ohio River from his hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. You can read some of his poetry at Connotation Press, Cortland Review, Still: The Journaland Salmon PoetryHis latest collection of poetry is The Quiet Jars (Salmon Poetry).

According to his bio at Still: The Journal, Denton Loving “lives on a farm near the historic Cumberland Gap, where Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia come together” (source). You can find some of his writing at Town Creek Poetry, a review of his latest book at The Tishman Reviewand an interview with the Rappahannock Review. His latest book of poetry is Crimes Against Birds (Main Street Rag Company 2014).

Eric Scott Sutherland might be—according to his poem “Kentucky is my body“:

a gun rack
locked in a spare bedroom
where quilts lay spread
across peaceful beds

You can find Eric’s writing at Real Pants, Still: The Journal, his own website, and the Accents Blog. Pendulum is currently available from Accents Publishing.

Also, Ellen Birkett Morris will appear as a special guest and as part of Pages & Pint’s partnership with EKU’s Creative Writing MFA Program, the Bluegrass Writers Studio.

When: Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 8pm
Where: Apollo’s Pizza
228 South Second St.
Richmond, KY 40475
(859) 623-0330

“Sleepwalker” by Eric Scott Sutherland


Limping along in canvas
deck shoes, skinny beneath
an untucked Goodwill dress shirt
and a starched stiff pair
of three dollar stonewashed jeans,
he’s a doppelganger
of a Spinal Tap member;
the good time lines etched
deep around squinting slits,
gouged into sagging cheeks,
shoulder length rock ’n’ roll mullet
spiked every which way
like a rooster or a Rolling Stone.
Always coming and going,
a perpetual state
of sleepwalking,
.                                a purgatory
between opening and closing,
inhabits a lonely no man’s land
dividing a shit-faced heaven
and a cold-sober hell.

-Eric Scott Sutherland,
(Accents Publishing)

Eric Scott Sutherland

Eric Scott Sutherland Open Mic

In 2010, Accents hosted a launch party for Stick Tight Man and The View from Down Here. Here is a video of Eric Scott Sutherland reading at the event.

Eric Scott Sutherland