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Writing Challenge 2015

Lexington Poetry Month 2015What is the Lexington Poetry Month Writing Challenge?

It is a challenge for poets in, around, or from Lexington, Kentucky to write at least one poem every day throughout the month of June.

It is also a chance to share your poetry with the world! By signing up, you are able to automatically post your poem onto the Accents Publishing Blog and then share that on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Accents Publishing will collect one poem from every participant who contributes at least five poems throughout the month. One poem from each participant will be collected for a printed anthology.

How do I sign up?

Click here.

If it is after May 31st, then it is too late to sign up for the Accents Writing Challenge. But you can still feel free to write a poem every day, or even to read at one of the local poetry readings.

How many poems do I have to write?

We encourage you to write at least one poem every day, but please don’t post more than one a day to the blog.

Also, if you want to be eligible for publication in our anthology, the minimum number of poems you need to post is 5. So don’t feel like you have to post more than that, but if you post 30 throughout the month of June, more power to you!

How do I submit?

Detailed instructions on how to post poems to the blog will follow closer to June 1st.

How do I win?

Fortunately, the LexPoMo Writing Challenge is not a contest, so don’t feel like you are competing for anything except the pride of writing, reading, and sharing poetry.

If you’re wondering how you get published in the anthology, just make sure you sign up before the deadline (May 31st) and post at least five poems and no more than one poem a day.

Can I Post Anything?

We do not want to censor anyone’s work, but if we do feel like other users or individuals on the blog are being directly attacked, we will exercise our right to delete posts or even ban users that won’t play nice.

We do not want to get in the specifics of what is and isn’t acceptable because everything is subjective and what is “okay” in one context might not be okay in another. However, we will take great pains to make sure that we communicate with you if you do, in fact, post or do something we don’t find appropriate.

Why is there a picture of a fountain pen next to my name?

If you did not choose an image when you signed up, we gave you a default image of an inkwell. This is a modified version of “Inkwell icon – Noun Project 2512.svg” created by Adrian Park, from the Noun Project.

If you would like to change your image, we currently don’t have that capability, but we are currently working on the best way to implement it, so hopefully you will be able to do that before LexPoMo starts!

Anything Else?

Even though the sign-up process is run by computers, everything else is run by a human. So if you have trouble, or need any help, we will do everything we can. It might take a little while to fix, though, so understand that your patience is appreciated.