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LPM 2013 Registrants

Below is a list of all poets registered to participate in Lexington Poetry Month, a challenge to write at least one new poem every day throughout the month of June.

To sign up, send an e-mail to lex.poetry.month (at) with the following info: Name, Email, Which book you bought and when, 50-word bio, and 50 words or less on why you want to participate in Lexington Poetry Month.

Michelle Benningfield (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Because I need to.
About Michelle:
Michelle writes, reads, teaches, paints and dances in Lexington where she has lived with her family for 6 years. She is currently a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at UK and is working on her first historical fiction novel.
“May 20th, 2013” (6/2/13)
“Fruit” (6/3/13)
“The Art of War” (6/5/13)
“Drowning” (6/6/13)
“Ashtoreth at the Grocery” (6/11/13)
“The Secret” (6/12/13)

Joanie DiMartino (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want the opportunity to intensely focus on completing my next book, which is a collection of poems inspired by the whaling industry in New England, in particular the voyages of the Charles W. Morgan. This month I plan to center my energies and complete ideally 30 workable drafts to revise throughout the summer.
About Joanie:
Joanie DiMartino is the author of two collections of poetry, Licking the Spoon, (Finishing Line Press) and Strange Girls,(Little Red Tree Publishing). She directs the Hidden Treasures Poetry Series, and hosts the Soup & Sonnets Literary Salon for Women, where she resides, in Mystic, CT. DiMartino is involved in several collaborative projects with visual artists, and is at work on her next collection.
6/3 Poem (6/3/13)mor
“Outfitting the Whaleboat” (6/4/13)
“The Vessel Speaks: Emma” (6/5/13)
a haiku (6/6/13)
“A Haiku:” (6/12/13)
“Still Life of Dead Birds” (6/15/13)
“Severance” (6/17/13)
6/23 poem (6/23/13)
“ConnTrek IX” (6/29/13)
“Anne Bradstreet’s Kitchen” (6/30/13)

Jude Lally (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in the Lexington Poetry Month challenge because I feel like it will really motivate me to write.  I’ve never written under a deadline before, so I think it would be a good challenge and really entice creative output.
About Jude:
Jude Lally fulfills his creative, expressive and theraputic needs by writing about family, travel, romance, nature and, of course, his disability, a rare neromuscular condition called Fdriedrich’s ataxia. Although he moved around a lot growing up, he never lived more than 75 mile away from where he currently resides, in Lexington. KY.
#1 (6/1/13)
“Standing Room Only” (6/2/13)
“the day i found out kara had passed” (6/3/13)
“Danger Haiku” (6/4/13)
“My Rationale” (6/5/13)
“Mortality Haiku” (6/6/13)
“All I Want” (6/7/13)
“Bachelor’s Lament” (6/8/13)
“Time’s A-wasting” (6/10/13)
“Insignificant in this World” (6/11/13)
“First and Last” (6/15/13)
“Walked (Rolled) Off” (6/20/13)
“Funny Cause It’s True” (6/28/13)
“Attributes in 7 x 7” (6/30/13)
“Funny Cause It’s True II” (6/30/13)

Clay Shields (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Because I never feel better than when I’ve written a poem, and this challenge ensures thirty days of feeling fulfilled.
About Clay:
At present, Clay Shields is frantically tapping out words without thought of the length requirement because he would love to participate despite his procrastination.
a haiku (6/1/13)

Jason Lee Miller (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in LPM because 4 hours of sleep a night is a bit extravagant, don’t you think? Also, there’s a bonafide literati in these parts. I figure if I can get my name on the list, I might just fool somebody into thinking I’m part of it.
About Jason:
Jason Lee Miller is a writer. He writes fiction and poetry. He would write nonfiction, too, if he believed such a thing existed, which he doesn’t. As a post-post-modernist, he’s too old to understand emo, too young to remember disco. He works at EKU and BCTC. These are real places.
“The Waning of Apollo” (6/1/13)
“Okay Fine, a Zen Poem” (6/2/13)
“Old Man Dixie Band” (6/3/13)
“Art as Unauthorized Priesthood” (6/4/13)
“Zen Poems(!)” (6/5/13)eli
“This Will Require an Apology” (6/6/13)
“Impressionism on Brick, Behind Stratton with Mark” (6/7/13)
“Forest Floor in the Night of Day” (6/8/13)
“Poems During the Meeting” (6/9/13)
“First World Problems” (6/10/13)
“Confession” (6/11/13)
“Short Poem” (6/12/13)
“Cerridwyn, Dreaming as Avalon Fades” (6/13/13)
“How You Dad” (6/14/13)
“Stepfather” (6/15/13)
“Poems During the Meeting #2” (6/16/13)
“With the Salesman Comes the Scourge” (6/17/13)
“Severance” (6/18/13)
“Fake It Till You Make It” (6/20/13)
“My Youth for a Hat” (6/24/13)
“Don’t Write About Love” (6/26/13)
“Wishes” w/ Beatrice Underwood-Sweet (6/28/13)
“Duet 2: Something to Chew On…” w/ Beatrice Underwood-Sweet (6/29/13)

Rae Cobbs (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I only recently read the part about posting a poem every day–harder than writing one! I think the Challenge will help me remember that poetry is for communication, so community is everything! I’ve been working on a novel, so I haven’t been taking the time to write poems, so I am interested in the challenge to help me step up to the blank page! Happy writing to all! I’m going to get started today!
About Rae:
Writing has been made real for me in Louisville, although I wrote poems in my native California. The first few years were dubious because I wrote in the hope that no one could understand what I meant! I thought my feelings were too dangerous! I loved the poems of Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, and Anne Morrow Lindberg, from my parents–then I loved Marge Piercy, Adrienne Rich, and Sharon Olds on my own. I try everything from ghazals to blank verse. My writing time is now or never!
“June First, 2013” (6/1/13)
“Façade” (6/2/13)
“Physical Therapy” (6/3/13)
“Cement” (6/5/13)
“Succor” (6/7/13)
“This is Going to Hurt a Little” (6/8/13)
“Inter-Specific Surveillance” (6/10/13)
“Not a Poem” (6/11/13)
“Why Should I Not Love a Woman” (6/12/13)
“No Poem Tonight” (6/13/13)
“When I’m Sixty-Five” (6/14/13)
“Earthlings” (6/15/13)
“We Didn’t March” (6/16/13)
“Empty Words, To Some” (6/17/13)
“Ode to the Dirt Underneath My Feet, From Sitting All Spring at My Computer” (6/18/13)
“Juneteenth” (6/21/13)
“Instead of Hell” (6/26/13)
“Originally” (6/28/13)

Eduardo Ballestero (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I believe participating will be good practice for me after a long break from writing. I also want to immerse myself in the great joy that is being part of the Lexington writing community.
About Eduardo:
Eduardo Ballestero was born in San Carlos, Costa Rica and raised in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. He now lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is working on a collection of persona poems about a same-sex couple and their children.

Rudy Thomas (signed up May 31st, 2013)
About Rudy:
I am the editor and publisher of Old Seventy Creek Press. I have published 24 books of my own, mostly poetry but three novels and a book of short stories included in that total. I have published more than 800 poems, articles, and/or short stories in magazines and journals. I am ancient enough to have won the Jesse Stuart Award for poetry when he was alive.
“Tony Agee” (6/1/13)
“Collecting My Thoughts” (6/2/13)
“Phantasmagoria Easy Street, 11 Mile Bull Bay, Kingston Jamaica” (6/3/13)
“Looking Down on Old Seventy Creek” (6/4/13)
“To Express My Emotion” (6/5/13)
“For J. C.” (6/6/13)
” Love Poem” (6/7/13)
“Poets” (6/8/13)
“You are the necessity” (6/9/13)
“How Often” (6/10/13)
“I want to know myself” (6/11/13)
“In long childhood hours” (6/12/13)
“Not a typical morning” (6/12/13)
“You give me” (6/13/13)
“No Severance Warning” (6/14/13)
“On the way to the Nashville Airport” (6/15/13)
“Morning Walk” (6/16/13)
“Posthumous Poem” (6/17/13)
“Solomon wrote” (6/18/13)
“Mockingbird” (6/19/13)
“Chicken” (6/20/13)
“The Dream” (6/21/13)
“Victoria’s Secret” (6/22/13)
“Swimming Lesson” (6/23/13)
“Ernest Hemingway’s Ghost never comes to Kentucky” (6/24/13)
“2:55 AM” (6/25/13)
“Impromptu Scribbling” (6/26/13)
“Sevens” (6/27/13)
“Downtown Hottie” (6/28/13)
“Myself” (6/29/13)
“Painting” (6/30/13)

Jaria Gordon (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I love inclusivity, especially when it involves the words of hearts all joined in a common principle or undertaking or mission. There is not much dearer to me than a good poem, a beautifully crisp image, and the hope of something more.
About Jaria:
A born and raised Lexingtonian, who in the quietest moments believes she is a combination of pine tree and Charzard. A shy-natured chameleon, in love with laughter, wish-makers, and smiles. patiently, she waits for Nirvana, for her son to outgrow her, and for the moon to be as big as it was outside her childhood windowsill.
“A Midnight Psalm” (6/1/13)
“it reads apositive” (6/4/13)
“consider, construct, contradict” (6/9/13)

Jay St. Orts (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Why? I want to contribute. Simple as that. Thanks for giving us space.
About Jay:
Jay St. Orts writes the occasional reality-based poem, plays music poorly (but with joy), home-brews, and edits for food and concert money. You can read some of his work, such as his review of The Monkee’s semi-barbaric yawp for artistic independence, 1967’s Headquarters album, at
“Martha” (6/1/13)
“To Trip is Just to Fall?” (6/5/13)
“Survival of the Luckiest” (6/6/13)
“Bonding” (6/22/13)
“Take this and eat it: Transubstantiation and Communion” (6/23/13)
“Hand Over Fist” (6/25/13)
“I Am Watching” (6/26/13)
“The Dead Man’s Pornography” (6/27/13)
“Seven Months: Stay gold (build), boy” (6/28/13)
“Random Thriving” (6/30/13)

Greg Smith (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
To make up for what I didn’t finish during National Poetry Month. To push myself to being both more publically visible with my writing and more involved in the Lexington writing community. I go to Holler every month, but it’s time I started doing more for Lexington, my home.
About Greg:
Born outside Seattle, WA, Greg Smith has lived in his paternal family roots of Central Kentucky since 2000. An alumnus of both the Governor’s School for the Arts (2007) and The Twenty (2011-2013), his work has been featured in pluck! (issue 7) and The Lumberyard (issue #10).
“after breakfast” (6/1/13)

Teneice Durrant Delgado (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in Lexington poetry month because I love Lexington and because I have been on a very long editing streak. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken care of my creative side.
About Teneice:
Teneice Durrant Delgado is a mis-placed Kentuckian trying to find her way home. She is the managing editor of Winged City Chapbook Press and the co-founder and poetry editor for Blood Lotus, an online literary journal. She is in love with many things, including chapbooks.
“Chores: Folding Clothes” (6/2/13)
“There Are Warning Signs” (6/5/13)
“The Iron Contemplates Her Steam” (6/10/13)
“On going home” (6/11/13)
June 17 poem (6/17/13)
“Spared” (6/20/13)
“Grace prompt” (6/24/13)
“Severence prompt” (6/25/13)
June 27th (6/27/13)

Elizabeth Kilcoyne (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I am interested in participating in Lexington Poetry Month because I am excited to watch a community I love unite and grow together as poets and want to directly participate in the process.
About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Kilcoyne is an alumni of SCAPA Lafayette and Governor’s School for the Arts as a creative writing major. She attends University of Kentucky as a theater major. During the first week of Lexington Poetry Month she will be attending The Twenty: A Young Writer’s Advance for a second time.
“watching clouds” (6/1/13)
“in the sticky of the day” (6/2/13)
“can’t be arsed poetica” (6/3/13)
“chaste kisser” (6/4/13)
“primordial” (6/7/13)
“a poem about the body” (6/9/13)
“Jellyfish” (6/10/13)
“curselayer” (6/16/13)
“Breakfast on Lime” (6/20/13)
“Breakfast on Lexington” (6/21/13)
“observing the nervous twist of your hands” (6/24/13)
“adam bit the apple” (6/25/13)
“in a dream” (6/27/13)

Elle Wong (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
This year I tried NaPoWriMo for the second time, and the results were extremely gratifying. I want to continue this dedication to my craft as I take it to a new level of seriousness, branching out into new forms and subject matter.
About Elle:
Appalachian by accident, and writer by necessity, I am a Taiwanese American, queer, feminist poet from Lexington and Berea. A survivor of mishaps and circumstance, my writing is borne out of complex love—love of family, of Kentucky, of food, and of self.
“synchronicity” (6/9/13)

Pam Gibbs (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I’d like to join this effort for several reasons: motivation for more writing, to join and support the community of local writers, and for the inspirational synergy that this will yield for us all.
About Pam:
I live and work in Frankfort. My day job is in information technology, and I write fiction and poetry. I’m a member of the Green River Writers and president of the Kentucky State Poetry Society. I have five children and seven grandchildren, and I’m a newlywed as well (since April 13.)
“The Hungry Year” (6/7/13)
“Pescetarian” (6/8/13)
“I Passed Three Times this Weekend” (6/9/13)
“Neglect” (6/13/13)
“Scission” (6/16/13)
“Insurgence” (6/21/13)
“Out of a rented existence” (6/25/13)
“Until the River has Chilled Your Bones” (6/26/13)
“My Mother before I knew her” (6/28/13)
“Just So You Know” (6/29/13)
“My Only Regret” (6/30/13)

Kate Spencer (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I have toyed with the idea of writing poetry for awhile. While I seem to constantly compose poems in my head, I rarely put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and I love the idea of this project challenging me to do just that on a regular basis.
About Kate:
I was born and raised in the prairies of the Midwest, but have begun to call Lexington home after living here for the past eight years. I am a psychologist by education, training, and profession, but a writer, artist, and seeker at heart.
“Zen Balloon” (6/2/13)

Jennifer Beckett (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I am joining to make writing poetry a daily priority. I am joining to see what other writers and I can accomplish.
About Jennifer:
Jennifer, a poet and teacher, lives in Georgetown. She grew up in Cincinnati, but often visited Lexington as a child. Her earliest memories of Lexington include being with her great-grandmother, aunts and uncles. Lexington, in her childhood mind, became the oasis beyond the Ohio River. She still feels that way.
“Capsized” (6/1/13)
“Ars Poetica” (6/2/13)
“Reading Sendak to her niece at 37” (6/10/13)
“Imperfect Fit” (6/16/13)
“Gamers” (6/23/13)
“Jacob, I Am” (6/25/13)
“Modern Esau” (6/26/13)
“L’Engle’s mirror” (6/29/13)
“Dear poem: a note about your parents” (6/30/13)
“writing a poem taught me something” (6/30/13)

Davina Warner (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I hope a daily deadline helps me focus on my creative writing. I also hope to gain inspiration by writing as part of a larger group.
About Davina:
As a Social Worker I write daily for my job, but creative writing and journaling have been my life’s blood since childhood. I’m currently writing a memoir about my relationship with my mother. At Carnegize Center classes I have found inspiration, guidance and community with local writers.
“Migration” (6/1/13)
“Death Lurks” (6/3/13)
“Country Breakfast” (6/4/13)
“Dead Beat” (6/7/13)
“Inertia” (6/11/13)

K. Nicole Wilson (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I need, and think i will thrive in, the structure of this challenge.  Plus, the peer pressure of my fellow poets eroded all my negative resolve.
About K. Nicole:
K. Nicole attempts to merge sports and poetics in a manner as palatable to the masses as a game-winning field goal. She founded the inKY reading series has appeared as a feature at Holler Poets Series, Stone Soup Poetry Series, Molly Malone’s Reading Series and as a Gypsy Poet at the Kentucky Women’s Writer’s Conference.
June 1 (6/1/13)
“Fondness” (6/2/13)
“Yesterday’s Page” (6/7/13)
June 16, 2013 (6/16/13)
“Severance” (6/17/13)
“Gravity” (6/19/13)
June 23, 2013 (6/23/13)
“(haiku)” (6/24/13)
“the perfect peach” (6/25/13)
“the perfect peach” (6/26/13)

Maggie Brewer (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
My friend Michelle is also participating and we thought this would be fun to do together. I love to write poetry but that often gets pushed aside for school work and grading papers. It will be nice to dedicate some time to writing poems.
About Maggie:
I teach high school history and work with the Writing Project at EKU and U of L.
“Kitchen Contrition” (6/2/13)
“Human Geography” (6/3/13)
“Memory of the Living” (6/4/13)
“Perennial Pursuit” (6/5/13)
“Cranial Quagmire” (6/6/13)
“Succor or Sucker?” (6/7/13)
“Melanin Memory” (6/9/13)
“Technical Tirade” (6/10/13)
“Patch of Summer” (6/12/13)
“Reflection on an ex-husband” (6/13/13)
“Southern Severance” (6/17/13)
“Pressure to Deny Grace” (6/24/13)
“So many maps” (6/25/13)
“A Week of AP Training Haiku” (6/26/13)
“$50,000 Oops” (6/27/13)
“Teachers Get Summers Off” (6/28/13)

Bront Davis (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I am interested in the discipline of this sort of daily work. Frankly, I’m curious to see if I can reverse the order of things and learn not only to await poetic inspiration but to seek it as well.
About Bront:
Bront Davis graduated with a degree in English from UK during the last century, but now finds himself doing most of his writing in programming languages.
“Screen” (6/1/13)
“GEARS” (6/3/13)
“Succor” (6/8/13)
“THE JOKE” (6/9/13)
“EMPTY” (6/20/13)
“GRACE” (6/21/13)
“IRISES” (6/22/13)
“MOMENTS” (6/23/13)
“WAITING” (6/25/13)
“WEB” (6/26/13)

Patrick Maloney (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I write to stay alive, or to be. I see this challenge as a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by and familiarize myself more with the work of local poets striving to improve their craft. If i am going to write, i’d be better to write more, together, from that which makes everyone uniquely alone, as one.
About Patrick:
Patrick has lived in Lexington his entire life. He started writing a little over two years ago. In working with other Lexington poets over the past few months, he has felt growth and motivation to grow as a writer and person. Along with honing procrastination further, he enjoys creating improvisational raps after looking into Medusa’s eyes, some people, and beholding more of the immeasurable beauty of art.
“heart in a wallet” (6/1/13)
“Oedipus Complex” (6/3/13)
“Iris Bed” (6/4/13)
“Absolute Morality” (6/5/13)
“Succor” (6/7/13)
“body conscious” (6/8/13)
“phoenix womb shot” (6/12/13)
“God bless us all!” (6/13/13)
“The Edges Of What I Wanted” (6/20/13)
“Contre-jour” (6/24/13)
“i knew my will was nothing” (6/25/13)
“7×7 prompt” (6/29/13)

Elane Moore-Turenne (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Participating in Lexington’s Poetry Month will help me focus on writing and sharing my work which is what I want to do!
About Elane:
Born in Appalachia to teacher parents who loved poetry. Taught at UK, College of the Bahamas, Fayette County Schools. UK graduate, Phi Beta Kappa, Sullivan Medallion.  M.A. Served on UN’s World Bank Committee for Technology Assistance in Education to the Bahamas. Publications include Vogue’s Prix de Paris, Napa Review, The Literature, MacMilan’s Anthology of Caribbean Voices, Nassau Voices, Southern Florida, Bahamian Times, Bahamian TV Guide. Editor of College of the Bahamas Handbook, Kentucky’s Bicentennial Family Register.
“Born to Write” (6/4/13)
“STILL” (6/5/13)
“By Grace” (6/7/13)
“Why?” (6/18/13)
“Forever Living” (6/19/13)
“One With God Is A Majority” (6/20/13)
“You’re Always There” (6/21/13)
“Mixed Emotions” (6/23/13)
“POETRY” (6/24/13)
“I’m Addicted” (6/25/13)
“Wendell Says” (6/27/13)
“Poetry Is a Musical Happening Event” (6/29/13)

Morghan Fuller (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I have missed the deadlines and prompts I received in high school Creative Writing classes. I want to remember how amazing it feels to have a community of people taking on a similar challenge and I believe the Lexington Poetry month will provide me with just that. I’ve gotten rusty and thought that I would seize an opportunity to take time out of my lazy summer days to indulge in poetry.
About Morghan:
Morghan is entering her sophomore year as an English Teaching major at Eastern Kentucky University, and was a 2011 participant of the Young Woman’s Writers Project.
“This is Another Poem About Poetry” (6/1/13)
“Pride Month” (6/2/13)
“The Poem I wrote You” (6/3/13)
“Self Love is a Myth” (6/4/13)
“Preparing Poems” (6/5/13)
“Tell Me About Me” (6/6/13)
“I Shouldn’t Have to Explain This” (6/7/13)
“To Myself, From Myself” (6/8/13)
“You Are Not Normal” (6/10/13)
“I Don’t Write When I’m Low” (6/11/13)
“I’ll Keep You Alive” (6/13/13)
“Become a Book You’d Want to Read” (6/16/13)
“Grace is Simple” (6/21/13)
“Broken is Not Beautiful” (6/24/13)

George Ella Lyon (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to take part in LPM because I love the idea of all this poetic energy working together in a concentrated amount of time. I appreciate the fun and the challenge and am curious to see what we all write.
About George:
My father read poetry aloud when I was growing up and, while I enjoy all kinds of writing, poetry will always be central to me. My fourth collection, Many-Storied House, will be out from the University Press of Kentucky in the fall.
“STUCK, UNSTUCK” (6/1/13)
Second Poem (6/9/13)
“POEM MAKING” (6/11/13)
“June Bridge, 1972” (6/15/13)
“LOST” (6/16/13)
“GRACE” (6/22/13)
“I’M STAINED WITH” (6/26/13)
“SEVENS IN 1970” (6/28/13)
“Deadly Beloved” (6/30/13)

Eric Scott Sutherland (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in Lexington Poetry Month because it is such a great idea to further ignite our burgeoning writing community.  As a local literature promoter, I am thrilled to be a part of any event that strengthens the bonds and talents of our local writers.
About Eric:
Eric Scott Sutherland is a hawk watcher, Kentucky creek walker, the author of three chapbooks and the forthcoming full length collection, pendulum (2013).  He is the creator and host of Holler Poets Series, a monthly celebration of literature and music since 2008.  Eric makes his nest in Lexington.

Marianne Worthington (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Despite pressure from poetry peers, I have waited until the last possible moment to sign up for Lexington Poetry Month because of fear of failure. I’m still not sure I can write a poem a day, but I’m going to try. I believe the exercise of writing and the communion with other poets will be excellent motivation.
About Marianne:
I am co-founder & poetry editor of Still: The Journal, an online literary magazine. I also edit poems for Now & Then magazine. I live in southeastern Kentucky and work as a teacher.
“That Obligatory Dog Poem Everyone Warns You Not to Write” (6/2/13)
“In Washington County” (6/4/13)
“The stones grow up like trees” (6/5/13)
“Cleaning out my mother’s house: A Litany” (6/8/13)
“The only way out” (6/10/13)
“a fairy tale” (6/11/13)
“Poem in my Grandmother’s Voice” (6/12/13)
“the more you see the less you knew” (6/13/13)
“Loss (on Father’s Day)” (6/16/13)
“Mourning” (6/20/13)
“Seven” (6/28/13)

Deborah Adams Cooper (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Good question!  I find I discover good things when I am a little (or a lot) terrified!  So, in the middle of a huge home project and a side trip to Chicago, I will write a poem a day for the month of June.  Plus, I was inspired by Sherry Chandler’s excellent poetry class recently at The Carnegie Center.
About Deborah:
Debbie Cooper grew up in deep southeastern Kentucky and western West Virginia.  She published her first poem in the Huntington High School newspaper when she was 16.  She lives in Cynthiana where she enjoys writing, gardening and playing with her granddaughter, Hazel.
“Gems” (6/1/13)
“Gym” (6/4/13)
“Succor!” (6/7/13)
“I’m Killing the Chipmunks in my yard and don’t try to stop me!” (6/9/13)
“Ode to the Semicolon” (6/16/13)
“Grace” (6/21/13)
“The Dance” (6/24/13)
June 27th (6/27/13)
“Ars Poetica” (6/29/13)
“Swing Sunday Morning” (6/30/13)

Sherry Chandler (signed up May 31st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I’ve a dozen excellent reasons why I should not take this on right now. I’ve explained them to everyone who’d stand still. And yet, yesterday I found myself in Morris’s buying the requisite book. I can’t tell you why. An old fire horse runs when she hears the alarm bells.
About Sherry:
At the end of June, Sherry Chandler will leave her job at the University of Kentucky and, after 25 years of commute, retire to her Bourbon County farm to cultivate her garden, i.e., hone her next book, due out from Wind in the fall.
“A Burlesque of the Makers” (6/2/13)
“Chiaroscuro” (6/4/13)
“Succor” (6/7/13)
“Ursula the Racoon Has Her Say About Succor” (6/8/13)
“Study in Umber” (6/9/13)
“A Poem for Tyler and Annastyn” (6/11/13)
“Event Boundary” (6/12/13)
“Taming the Wilderness” (6/15/13)
“Atmospheric Conditions” (6/18/13)
“Father and Children” (6/19/13)
“Grace” (6/22/13)
“Never Run from Anything Immortal” (6/23/13)
“The Naming of Babes is a Difficult Matter” (6/25/13)
“On the Perils of Retirement” (6/27/13)
“Sevens” (6/28/13)
“A Letter to my Basement Office” (6/29/13)

Kari Burchfield (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I have found that since leaving the structured environment of workshops in college, my writing has suffered. I hope that once again having deadlines and being a part of a community will be the kick in the pants I need to write in earnest again.
About Kari:
I grew up in extreme southeastern Kentucky and have lived in Kentucky most of my life. I moved to the Lexington area in 2002 to study English at UK. After some time out in the “real world”, I came back to the academic life and currently work at UK.
“Friday on the BG” (6/3/13)
“Am I the Jedi you’re looking for?” (6/4/13)
“Through the fence gaps: a human’s translation of a canine conversation” (6/5/13)
a haiku (6/7/13)
“Tailgate bridge” (6/10/13)
“apple pie” (6/16/13)
“A Yellow Jacket’s Wanderings” (6/20/13)
“Lasso the moon” (6/25/13)
“The most wondrous musical stairs of P.O.T.” (6/26/13)
“7 x 7” (6/28/13)
“There are no fireflies in Idaho” (6/30/13)

Sa’ad M. Al-Obaidi (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to join the Lexington Poetry Month because then I can seize the opportunity to create. For months, I have read the works of others and have been influenced and polished greatly by those works. I have deconstructed and analyzed, but I want to boldly and, occasionally, blindly transform my creative energy by concretizing it into the sounds and senses (poems).
About Sa’ad:
I am twenty, attend Berea College and study philosophy. I enjoy scholarly reading the humanities because it stimulates and refines both my intelligence and ethics. I try not to pontificate in public, but sometimes I cannot resist. My favorite token of poetry is short, but powerfully and well-expressed, poetry.
“Simulacra and Simulation” (6/2/13)
“Justine, of The Misfortunes of Virtue” (6/3/13)
“Prolegomena to Any Future Based Aesthetics That Will Be Able To Present Itself as a Poem” (6/4/13)
“The Heart is a Percussion Instrument” (6/6/13)
“Marriage and its Discontents” (6/17/13)
“The Heart Is A Kind of Stratosphere” (6/20/13)
“Praxeology” (6/21/13)

Alison Courtney (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I’m afraid of poetry; I don’t grok. I’d rather read a biography than poetry, which, well, yeah. My tattoo for the Lexington Tattoo Project was the word “risk,” a reminder to not be afraid. It’s time to put that into practice, as well as stretch my writing.
About Alison:
Alison Courtney loves words, loves grammar, loves writing, but hasn’t written poetry since that one time in 9th grade. She’s probably sold you something at the Morris book shop.
“I Walk to Work” (6/1/13)
“Grown” (6/2/13)
“Dent-de-lion” (6/3/13)
“Instructions” (6/4/13)
“Receipt” (6/5/13)
“Succor” (6/7/13)
“Upright Citizen” (6/10/13)
“Foehn” (6/12/13)

Leatha Kendrick (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
The challenge to write a poem a day is no small thing. I have done it before and found it exhilarating, disappointing, terrifying, and productive. Taking on the challenge, though, will cause me to be awake in the world, alert to language and image, hungry for poetry. It’s worth it.
About Leatha:
Leatha Kendrick leads workshops in poetry and life writing at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in Lexington, KY. Her fiction, poetry and essays appear widely in journals and anthologies – the result of years of toil and many more rejections than acceptances.
“A Day in June” (6/6/13)
“Anxious Hosts” (6/7/13)
“Kaleidoscope” (6/8/13)
“Eviction” (6/11/13)
“Eve Claims a Room of Her Own” (6/13/13)
“Last Call” (6/23/13)
“Scarf” (6/28/13)
“Among the Trodden Ways” (6/30/13)

Doug Jones (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I would like to participate in the poetry month challenge because it will be good exercise to write daily and on a deadline. As a writer who has grown up in Lexington I feel all of my work relates to this place. It will be a chance to get my name “out there”.
About Doug:
Doug Jones makes his home in Lexington. His writing is an attempt to understand dreams and life experiences within the context of the world at large. He is a printmaker, bookbinder and occasional performer.
“June 3rd Poem” (6/3/13)

Emily Saderholm (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
As a busy mother of young children, I would like the use the daily writing requirement of the Lexington Poetry Project as encouragement to practice an art I’ve enjoyed since childhood but rarely find time for now.
About Emily:
I’m a single mom raising two young men to bring good into the world. A Northern Newcomer welcomed into the Kentucky heartland as a child. A farm girl who loves gentle breezes and birdsong. A yogini and meditator who enjoys learning more than teaching, although I’ve done both.

Michelle Knickerbocker (signed up May 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
This challenge is going to be a great way to find daily motivation, to take myself less seriously, and to count myself among some of America’s finest poets. I want to play because my friends and acquaintances are all ready on the playground and it seems like the right time to join in all the fun!
About Michelle:
I’m a poet. I live and work in Frankfort, where I also graduated from Kentucky State University. I’ve done a lot with this life so far but there’s a lot more to do. I’m looking forward to more poems, a fatter portfolio, grad school, marriage, and travel; they’re all on the list and in my very near future.
“Dog-paddle” (6/1/13)
“Cultivating Reverence” (6/3/13)
“Dance Lessons” (6/4/13)
“Native Take-Over of the Branches” (6/5/13)
“Excuses” (6/6/13)
“I should be allowed to have a hero” (6/10/13)
“Kimura’s secret” (6/13/13)
“Work Words” (6/19/13)
“Life Lesson” (6/27/13)

Kristine Nowak (signed up May 29th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I signed up for this project because I want to support and participate
in the Lexington poetry community. I also think this is an incredible
personal challenge because I tend to write rather slowly and this will
force me to write more poems and let them go much sooner.
About Kristine:
Kristine Nowak is originally from Washington State but moved to
Lexington about five years ago. She has been writing poetry on-and-off
for most of her life but is currently trying to make it a more
integral part of each day.
“Rock Doves” (6/2/13)
“Mindfulness of Breath Meditation” (6/3/13)
“The Mockingbird Sings a Car Alarm” (6/5/13)
“The Meeting Room, Shaker Village” (6/8/13)
“Objects, Stripped of Their Power” (6/10/13)
“Severance (Cinderella’s Evil Stepsister Cuts Off Her Toes)” (6/14/13)
“The Old Dollhouse” (6/16/13)
“For Weeks, Thunderstorms Roamed the Sky” (6/17/13)
“For the Other Girl” (6/19/13)
“Dreams” (6/22/13)
“My Friend Shows Me Her New Garden and it’s Full of Fireflies” (6/23/13)
“I am Visited by the Ghost of Henry David Thoreau” (6/27/13)

Lady Scarlet (signed up May 29th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I had a friend and old professor Michael Benton tell me about this event on my Facebook status. I was intrigued even though i do not consider myself a poet.
About Lady:
Born in Cincinnati, Moved 54 times in my 26 years of life. I have lived in Lexington the longest while i am currently hailing from Louisville Ky. I went to college in Lexington and i am a filmmaker and a self proclaimed artist. I support the arts in Kentucky.

Mary Allen (signed up May 29th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Participation in Lexington Poetry Month represents a new challenge to me. It will be interesting to see what this community of writers can produce.
About Mary:
Mary Allen lives in Lexington. She comes to poetry through study with poets at the Carnegie Center. In addition to poetry, she writes essays and book reviews and reads extensively in several genres.
“On Beginning Lexington Poetry Month” (6/1/13)
“We’re planting herbs today.” (6/2/13)
“In the yard of the Great Pyrenees” (6/3/13)
June 4 poem (6/4/13)
“The Hiatus” (6/22/13)
“Sound Does Not Always Reflect Meaning” (6/23/13)
“Progress” (6/26/13)
“Purgatory” (6/28/13)
“On Naming a Siamese Kitten Biscuit” (6/29/13)
“June 30, 2013” (6/30/13)

Marta Dorton (signed up May 29th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
For several months I have been distracted from creativity in general. I need a kick-start! Writing memoir and poetry helps me access different sections of my creative self and adds purpose and themes to my artwork. My art adds color and spark to my writing. LPM will invite inspiration.
About Marta:
I am a Lexington painter and printmaker that enjoys the challenges and benefits of writing. I graduated from UK with a Studio Art degree and worked in graphic arts for 20 years. My studio space is in Lexington Art League. I am a juried artist in the Kentucky Crafted Program.
“Spiraled” (6/1/13)
“slipping by” (6/2/13)
“Coma” (6/3/13)
“The Gift” (6/4/13)
“Ascention” (6/6/13)
“Preparation” (6/9/13)
“Retention” (6/12/13)
“Resolution” (6/13/13)
“Apprehension” (6/14/13)
LPM June 16 (6/16/13)
“Sustenance” (6/18/13)
“Grace” (6/21/13)
“Rella” (6/29/13)

Bronson O’Quinn (signed up May 29th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I’m a prose writer who has been broadening his horizons reading lots of poesy, so I decided to take a stab at the medium.
About Bronson:
Bronson lives in Lexington, KY where he writes and participates in the local literary scene. He published a satirical novella in 2012 and operates his own blog ( as well as the Accents Publishing Blog. He likes local music, craft beer, and inspired conversation.
Poem 1 (6/2/13)
Poem 2 (6/4/13)
“Poor Planning” (6/6/13)
Poem 4 (6/8/13)
“Mad Boy’s Love Song” (6/12/13)
“just because you say it all the time doesn’t mean it isn’t true” (6/19/13)
“No One Believes Me but the Germans Have a Great Sense of Humor” (6/28/13)

Beatrice Underwood-Sweet (signed up May 28th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in Lexington Poetry Month because I am constantly amazed at the literary community in Lexington. I want to be a part of such an inspirational, thriving community! I also find myself to be more disciplined and prolific when in the company of other poets.
About Beatrice:
Despite stints living in both California and (currently) Oklahoma, I am and always will be a Kentuckian! I teach special education to pay the bills. I find inspiration in community, in the mundane, and sometimes in the tragic. I write sporadically at Beatrice Writes.
“After Three Days With No Electricity” (6/3/13)
“Resemblance” (6/17/13)
“Kentucky” (6/25/13)
“Wishes” w/ Jason Lee Miller (6/28/13)
“Duet 2: Something to Chew On…” w/ Jason Lee Miller (6/29/13)

Matthew Haughton (signed up May 28th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I have never done such a thing… sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone to have a little fun amongst friends.
About Matthew:
Matthew Haughton is the author of “Stand in the Stillness of Woods” (WordTech Editions). His chapbook, “Bee-coursing Box” (Accents Publishing) was nominated for the Weatherford Award for Appalachian Poetry Book of the Year. His poem have appeared in several journals including The Louisville Review, Still, Border Crossing, and The Four Way Review. Haughton works as a public school teacher in Frankfort, Kentucky.
“A Sense of Reprise in the Gully” (6/1/13)
“For Laura on a Sunday Afternoon” (6/2/13)
“The Lifespan of Poets” (6/5/13)
“Chipmunk: after a study of John Clare” (6/13/13)
“The Way Grass Will Move” (6/17/13)
“Sketching” (6/19/13)
“Fox Coursing” (6/22/13)
“The King of Crawdads” (6/23/13)
“Looking for Joseph Barrett” (6/28/13)
“Guitar Lessons” (6/30/13)

Jessica Swafford (signed up May 28th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate because I need a challenge. I also want to be part of the Lexington literary scene. I am amazed at how my brain works differently under the pressure of a deadline.
About Jessica:
I am a student at Berea College, a poet for over 20 years, and a lifelong lover of learning.
“Dance of the Octopi” (6/1/13)
“It Didn’t Matter” (6/2/13)
“Modern Miracle” (6/3/13)
“The Last Foreign Thing” (6/4/13)
“A While Longer” (6/5/13)
“A Nearly Full Moon” (6/24/13)
“Is There a Time Limit on Expectations” (6/25/13)
“Cheese Paper” (6/26/13)
“Ironic?” (6/27/13)

Robin LaMer Rahija (signed up May 27th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in Lexington Poetry Month to interact with great Lexington writers and to produce more work of my own.
About Robin:
Robin LaMer Rahija is the poetry editor at Rabbit Catastrophe Review.
“Elizabeth & Katherine” (6/2/13)
“Dreams are Stupid and Don’t Mean Anything” (6/6/13)
“Hello Little Poet” (6/10/13)
“Small Print” (6/12/13)
“Rat Spooks Himself by Feeling Empathy for the First Time” (6/14/13)
“How to Avoid Second Person Point of Way” (6/27/13)
“Alive in the First House” (6/28/13)
“Church Bells in the City” (6/29/13)
“Dead in the Last House” (6/30/13)

Duke Gatsos (signed up May 27th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
My dissertation has taken up most of my writing time over the last 6 months. Having a daily deadline and a community to keep me accountable will help supply the discipline I need to get back on the writing track.
About Duke:
I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and have been in Lexington for 9 years. Two classes taught by Jane Vance at UK gave me the opportunity to have my poems workshopped. From there, I found my way to Poezia and Holler and my talent and passion for poetry was reborn.
“Channeling Miyagi” (6/2/13)
“The Call of the Wild” (6/3/13)
“The American Pioneer” (6/4/13)
“I am no poet” (6/8/13)
“Gen X meets Raven Run” (6/12/13)
“Liking Kyla” (6/13/13)
“Wedlock” (6/21/13)
“White” (6/23/13)
“Bring Good News” (6/24/13)
“Effete Eschaton” (6/27/13)

Betsy Packard (signed up May 27th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I have allowed the craziness of the last few years to have a negative impact upon my writing. Though I have had poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction published and won awards in the past, I need to return to the discipline I exhibited previously.
About Betsy:
New Englander by birth, Kentuckian by choice, I have lived here since 1982. Though my greatest gift is working with animals, with writing – I can’t not write. I have been the Mississippi Poetry Society’s Poet of the Year, and won an award from the NFSPS, as well as other honors.
“SCHLEPPING” (6/1/13)
“Earl” (6/3/13)
“KNOW” (6/4/13)
“ANOTHER NIGHT” (6/5/13)
“MALLARDS” (6/9/13)
“BRAIN LOSS” (6/10/13)
“SEVERENCE” (6/15/13)
“Last Thought” (6/21/13)

Melva Sue Priddy (signed up May 27th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I am a dedicated writer but I don’t write a poem every day, so this challenge will enable me to practice writing in a way I haven’t. I like for writing to be a reward rather than a punishment, so I’ll have to change my mindset in order to write a poem a day; and changing my mindset always leads to rewarding things, in this case, hopefully to gratifying poems.
About Melva:
Melva Sue Priddy, a native Kentuckian, lives near Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband Gene Strode. Together they share five children and eleven grandchildren. Melva Sue attended Berea College and The University of Kentucky before completing an MFA in Writing from Spalding University’s Low Residency Writing Program. She has had a long relationship with Hindman Settlement School’s Appalachian Writers’ Workshop. She writes to save her sanity and she gardens to keep out of jail. Her poems, a short story, book reviews and articles have been published in ABZ Magazine; Appalachian HeritageBigger Than They Appear; Blood Lotus: On line journal: Foxfire’s Hands On: A Journal for Teachers; Motif 2 Motif 3; Standing on the Mountain; and Still: On line journal.
“SEWING ROOM” (6/3/13)
“CROWNS” (6/4/13)
“COME AND HOLD ME” (6/5/13)
“THAT DREAM” (6/6/13)
“SUCCOR” (6/8/13)
“YOU IN NOW” (6/9/13)
“MINDFULNESS” (6/10/13)
“SHEAVES OF HAY” (6/12/13)
“LABOR” (6/14/13)
“PERSISTENCE” (6/17/13)
“KILLDEER” (6/18/13)
“GRACE” (6/21/13)
“Even a College Educated Human Being” (6/22/13)
“IN GREY STONE” (6/24/13)
“GENDER” (6/27/13)
“TENDER FOR MORE” (6/28/13)
“NUTRIENT RICH” (6/29/13)

Tyler Worthington (signed up May 27th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I began writing as a release making myself an independently dependent factor in a test run, or at least that’s just the way it seemed. whilst making sense of common earthling things. Since then I have come to appreciate poetry as an art for it’s practice enables me to attach words to rhythms of thought. I firmly believe in the power of spoken and written word and. I wanted to write and be a part of a community of individuals with the same goal at mind, to vent.
About Tyler:
I was born in a Central Baptist hospital in Lexington Kentucky, Fayette County. Although I grew up with ties to an extended family in Frankfort and Versailles, Kentucky as well as  Blacksburg, Virginia and the county of Cuba in upper New York State. I grew up attending school in Lexington and I am currently still doing so at the University of Kentucky as I am pursuing a major in Anthropology.
“Haunting a Park Bench” (6/2/13)
“Same ‘Ol Resurrection” (6/3/13)
“Cigarettes and Coffee” (6/4/13)
“Silly Things” (6/5/13)
“What Beats the World” (6/6/13)
“The Coming Storm” (6/7/13)
“Haiku: Life and Death” (6/8/13)
“Life Through a Screen” (6/9/13)
“of a clerk and mouse” (6/10/13)
“a short break” (6/11/13)
“Advise of the old painter” (6/12/13)
“Riding on the Wheel through time and terrain in the morning Part 1” (6/15/13)
“Riding on the wheel through time and terrain in the morning part II” (6/16/13)
June 17 poem (6/17/13)
“Grace for the Gladiator Moth” (6/21/13)
June 25th, 2013 poem (6/25/13)
“retreat” (6/27/13)
“If Sixes were Sevens, well you wouldn’t know the difference would you now?” (6/28/13)

Keith Stewart (signed up May 26th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
As a budding poet, I am hoping to use the month to teach myself the discipline both to write and read poetry every day. Working and participating with a great group of local poets during the month sounds inspiring and extremely motivating.
About Keith:
Keith Stewart splits his time between his hometown of Hyden and the great city of Lexington, Kentucky. He prefers humor over seriousness, kindness over angst, and chili cheese Fritos over plain. His blog can be found at
“5:20 A.M.” (6/1/13)
“Bloodlust” (6/2/13)
“Reconciliation Haiku” (6/3/13)
“SuperMan” (6/4/13)
“Prescription” (6/5/13)
“Trick” (6/9/13)
“Where Art Thou, My Love?” (6/10/13)
“Sanctuary” (6/11/13)
“Waiting for Impact” (6/15/13)
“Word to the Buddha” (6/17/13)
“Jealous Annoyance” (6/22/13)

Sue Neufarth Howard (signed up May 25th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I like the challenge of needing to submit a new poem each day, requiring me to structure accordingly and set aside a block of writing time – a practice in which I don’t currently engage. It will encourage me to be more observant on daily walks and activities.
About Sue:
Cincinnati native, published poet. Member, Greater Cincinnati Writers’ League (GCWL). Third Prize and/or Honorable Mention in Ohio Poetry Day Contests. Published by High Coupe online; Aeqai online; the Journal of Kentucky Studies; Mid-America Poetry Review; The Incliner – Cincinnati Art Museum. To be published in Point Mass – Summer, 2013.
“ENIGMA” (6/1/13)
“Bone Chilling” (6/2/13)eat
“AFTER” (6/4/13)
“GHOST HUNT” (6/6/13)
Silent Plea” (6/7/13)
“BURN BABY BURN” (6/8/13)
“NIRVANA” (6/10/13)
“TELLING” (6/12/13)
“REMAINS TO BE SEEN” (6/13/13)
“JANUS-FACED” (6/14/13)
“LOCKED AWAY” (6/15/13)
“SPARKS” (6/17/13)
“BELOVED BLOOMS” (6/18/13)
“THE MIRACLE OF NOW” (6/19/13)
“FOUND ART” (6/20/13)
June 23rd poem (6/23/13)
“LACY PATTERNS” (6/24/13)
“ART TO BE FOUND” (6/25/13)
“Tumbled” (6/28/13)
“RAPTURE” (6/29/13)
“COMMINGLE” (6/30/13)

M J Eaton (signed up May 25th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I wish to enter into this poetry month because I was, in the 70s, Kentucky’s Poet-in-the-Schools. I worked all over Kentucky, and lived, off and on, in Lexington. I was never more prolific as a poet than when I was teaching people of all ages to write the poems they had in themselves. I also look forward to the push it will give me. I look forward to reading the poetry of others.
About M J:
Awarded 16 grants from the National Endowment to be a Poet in the Schools in Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Iowa. Some of that time I was also an Artist in the Schools. Drake University, University of AR, Carolina University of Theology, University of Missouri at Kansas City. Books: Grab Me a Bus, For Poets, Feeling-My-Way.
Poem 1 (6/1/2013)
“I Told Them That I Didn’t Cuss in Real Life, So Why Would I Do So in the Classroom?” (6/2/13)
“For James Andrew Spence” (6/3/13)
“Banana” (6/4/13)
poem 5 (6/6/13)
“Apple” (6/7/13)
“No, Thanks” (6/8/13)
“Cantaloupe” (6/8/13)
“Evening, June” (6/9/13)
“Painting” (6/10/13)
“At one time I wanted to write” (6/11/13)
“Ghost of a Chance” (6/13/13)
“The Coming” (6/13/13)
“Severance” (6/14/13)
“Into Appalachia a Memory” (6/15/13)
“Deep Blue” (6/16/13)
“Summer Woods” (6/17/13)
“Seeds and All” (6/18/13)
“We Can Only See the Footprints Until It Snows Again” (6/19/13)
“Grace” (6/20/13)
“June 21st” (6/21/13)
“In Service to Us…” (6/22/13)
“Ice Tea Sweats” (6/23/13)
“Really: Do You Know Where Your Child Is?” (6/24/13)
“13: No Truth Ever Enough” (6/25/13)
“Waiting for Amos” (6/26/13)
“Diamante/Septet” (6/27/13)
“For Janet Frame” (6/28/13)
“Poet Lazy” (6/29/13)
“Prepare to Continue” (6/30/13)

Morgan Adams (signed up May 24th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I love the idea of Lexington Poetry Month!  And I’m really eager to embrace the structure of the challenge.  Usually, I like to write a draft of a poem and then revise, revise, revise before it sees the light of day, so writing a new poem every day and then moving on to the next will be an awesome — and terrifying — experiment.
About Morgan:
Morgan Adams was born and raised in a bookstore in Lexington, Kentucky and wrote her own first “book” at the age of five. She graduated from Berea College and earned her M.F.A. in poetry from Indiana University. Her first chapbook, In Nonestica, was recently released from Accents Publishing.
“Symptoms of Hypochondria” (6/5/13)
“Bluebeard Cleans Out His Fridge” (6/6/13)
“Eleven Severed Feet Wash Up in the Pacific Northwest” (6/14/13)
“In This Dream, the Dead Looked Like Scraps of Retread Tires” (6/16/13)
“Beneficial Exercises for Heart Disturbances” (6/17/13)
“Scarecrow in the Spring” (6/20/13)
“Grace” (6/21/13)
“The Tin Woodman Tries to Bend Spoons” (6/25/13)
“This Prophet Sees Seven” (6/28/13)
“The Cowardly Lion Tries to Eat a Popsicle” (6/30/13)

Kevin Blankenship (signed up May 9th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Poetry has always come in intense, short periods of time for me. I want to see if the demand for work will appeal to me. Also I am happy to support any Kentucky literary efforts.
About Kevin:
Born and raised in Breckinridge County, now living in Berea. Proud Kentuckian. Poetry and short fiction have appeared in The Dead Mule, Pegasus, Zephyrus, Red River Review and others. My first novel is called The Ragged Way. I have a wonderful wife, and great son and step-son.
“Muddy Creek Morning” (6/1/13)
“Uncle Leon” (6/2/13)
“Aunt Ruth” (6/5/13)
“Balance” (6/7/13)
“When Superman Stops Flying” (6/11/13)
“My Words” (6/20/13)
“James Still’s Ghost” (6/25/13)
“Severance” (6/27/13)
“Good Fences” (6/28/13)

Michael Dean Benton (signed up May 8th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I believe in communal art. I live to write (and vice versa). I’m a stranger in a strange land (apology to Heinlein). I make meaning through communion. I’m a literary compost! I have the title for my chapbook, now I just need to fill it up with poems. The challenge.
About Michael:
Sprouted in San Diego, CA. Interpellated through Midwest universities. Working the borderline South. Searching for viable alternatives to our sick society. Interested in independent media, revolutionary knowledge, radical art, food politics and resistance cultures. I seek to give expression to the absurdity of monologic thinking while celebrating the wondrous chaotic creativity of relational thinking, polylogical discourse, polyamorous sexuality and pantheistic belief.
“Alterity” (6/8/13)
“Communique from the Lost Boy of the Western Lands” (6/9/13)
“I Am Past Imperfect” (6/15/13)
“She” (6/16/13)
“Animalogos” (6/17/13)
“Homeland Secured” (6/20/13)
“United States of Amnesia” (6/27/13)
“He could resist” (6/30/13)

Jason McKinley Williams (signed up May 2nd, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I love the energy of a communal writing project and am excited to share in this creative experience. A job change and a hectic move back to my favorite place—Lexington—has forced me to set down my pen for too long. It’s time to pick it back up.
About Jason:
Jason McKinley Williams is a software developer, erstwhile high school English teacher, erstwhile writer, erstwhile whatever else interested him at the time. His work has been published in Appalachian Heritage, Kudzu, Public Republic and a few other places.
“Doing the Work” (6/1/13)
“Being Our Own Nemesis” (6/2/13)
“Tares” (6/9/13)
“How a Teacher Prepares for an Open House” (6/13/13)
“On Reading Creationism vs. Evolution Quarrels Online” (6/17/13)
“Embracing Grace, or How to Really Enjoy a Poetry Reading” (6/21/13)
“Let Us All Grow” (6/22/13)
“Morning Run, Arboretum” (6/24/13)
June 26th (6/28/13)
“How We Become Cynical” (6/29/13)

Corey Angel (signed up May 2nd, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
To learn, to understand, and to listen. Lexington and Poetry has given me so much to me, I believe it’s time for me to give it something in return.
About Corey:
I am part social worker, part poet. I am currently pursing my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Kentucky. While I am originally from Atlanta, GA, in my 23 years I have lived in six states, all of which I could call home. My poems are my history.
“a humble artist” (6/2/13)
“making vows” (6/3/13)
“conversations with centerpieces” (6/4/13)
“An honest question” (6/6/13)
“driving with eyes closed:” (6/14/13)

Vijay Singh (signed up May 2nd, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
An idea for a poem seems to pop into my head every morning but much too often I end up postponing the writing.  I am hoping that being a part of Lexington Poetry Month will motivate me further to build on the idea and actually compose the poem the same day.
About Vijay:
Vijay Singh is a dreamer-poet (more of a dreamer, less of a poet) who writes poems on the weekends and in leisure hours.  He studied electrical engineering at University of Minnesota and now lives and works in Lexington.
“IGNORANCE” (6/4/13)
“DEFAULT STATE” (6/5/13)
“REAL WORLD” (6/6/13)
“BETTER YET” (6/7/13)
“LUCKY ME” (6/8/13)
“THIS LIGHT” (6/9/13)
“AFTER THE RAIN” (6/10/13)
“CHILDHOOD” (6/11/13)
“JOURNEY” (6/12/13)
“DREAMS” (6/13/13)
“A LONG ROMANCE” (6/14/13)
“FOREST GROVE” (6/15/13)
“OUR TIME” (6/16/13)
“JOURNEY HOME” (6/17/13)
“NOT GREEDY” (6/18/13)
“CLEAN UP” (6/20/13)
“A GIFT” (6/21/13)
“AFTER SUCH GRACE” (6/22/13)

Carole Johnston (signed up May 1st, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I will participate in the Lexington Poetry Challenge because I’m obsessed with writing Japanese short form poems every day.  I share them on Twitter @morganabag.
About Carole:
I have been writing at least one short poem every day for four years as a spiritual practice, and several of them have been published in both print and online journals.  Currently, I’m trying to gather these poems from ‘the cloud,’ and organize them into collections. I divide my time between herding my poems and wrestling with a novel in progress, both Herculean tasks because I am organizationally challenged.
“what is sacred #1” (6/1/13)
“what is scared 2” (6/2/13)
“Homage to Walt Whitman” (6/3/13)
“journeys #1 (6/4/13)
“journeys 2” (6/5/13)
“journeys 3” (6/6/13)
“Succor – A Journey” (6/7/13)
“journeys 5” (6/8/13)
“awake” (6/9/13)
“journeys #6” (6/10/13)
“what is sacred #4” (6/11/13)
“what is sacred #6” (6/12/13)
“Journeys and What is Sacred” (6/13/13)
“journeys #7” (6/14/13)
“what is sacred #8” (6/15/13)
“what is sacred: for my father” (6/16/13)
june 17 (6/17/13)
“a friend far away” (6/18/13)
“what is sacred – everything” (6/19/13)
“journeys – bluegrass backroads” (6/20/13)
“journeys #10” (6/21/13)
“journeys – bluegrass backroads #2” (6/22/13)
“There But For The Grace…” (6/23/13)
“supermoon seen through strange eyes” (6/24/13)
“journeys bluegrass backroads 4” (6/25/13)
“green” (6/26/13)
“opera with my mother in law” (6/27/13)
“introverts are awesome” (6/28/13)
“did you ever notice?” (6/29/13)
“riot” (6/30/13)

Lori Rowland Houlihan (signed up April 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I originally decided to participate to support this idea that my dear husband, Hap, helped concoct. Thinking on it a while, I decided it would be really good for me. I used to write all the time, before my first child was born 18 years ago. It may be a month of Haiku, but dangit! I accept the challenge!
About Lori:
Mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Public Servant. Board Member. Band Member. Nurturer of plants & animals. Optimist. Realist. Pragmatist. Humanist. Lover of extreme creativity.
“That’s How You’re Gonna beat ‘Em, Butch.” (6/1/13)
“Committed” (6/2/13)

Savannah Sipple (signed up April 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I think this is a great project to draw attention to writing and poetry in Kentucky and get more people involved in reading or writing poetry, and I think this project would be a great motivator for me to make a more conscious effort to write consistently during the summer months.
About Savannah:
Savannah is from Beattyville, Kentucky, and is currently working on a collection of persona poems set in one small Appalachian town. Her work is forthcoming from Now and Then and has been featured in Appalachian Heritage, The Louisville Review, New Southerner, and Motif 3: All the Livelong Day. She writes about poetry at Structure and Style.
“After Church, the Ladies Stand Around to Catch Up For a Few Minutes” (6/1/13)
“Love Like Laundry” (6/2/13)
“What You Said” (6/3/13)
“The Boy Returns for a Funeral” (6/4/13)
“The Garden at Dusk” (6/6/13)
“Myrtle’s Well Runs Dry” (6/11/13)
“It Won’t Come Loose” (6/15/13)
“In Five and a Half Months, I Will Turn Thirty” (6/26/13)
“Myrtle’s Regrets, On the Rocks” (6/28/13)
“The Crows Cackle When They See the Big Gun” (6/29/13)

Karah Stokes (signed up April 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I got a great start in April and then got sick.  I want to pick up the thread and I should have time.  Also, June is my birthday month.
About Karah:
I teach English for a living, but gardening is my religion.  Writing poetry and singing are addictions I have never been able to get completely free of.
“Walk” (6/4/13)
“The moon is in a killing sign today” (6/8/13)

Jay McCoy (signed up April 30th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Being challenged to write a poem daily makes for an exciting and rewarding month. No matter what the Folgers jingle says, a piping hot poem is the best thing for me in the morning! In Lexington, we are blessed with a vibrant, supportive literary community with whom I look forward to writing every day in June!
About Jay:
Born & raised in Eastern Kentucky, Jay McCoy now lives in Lexington where he spends his days selling books at the Morris Book Shop. He is pursuing his MFA in creative writing through the Bluegrass Writers Studio.  Jay’s poetry has appeared in several journals and anthologies. He co-founded the Teen Howl Poetry Series.
“The Pursuit of Happiness” (6/9/13)
“2011” (6/19/13)
“bpm” (6/21/13)
“Frank After Dinner” (6/22/13)

Pauletta Hansel (signed up April 26th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to stop complaining about not having time and make poetry with the life I have. Structure works really well for me. It keeps the critic busy honoring her commitments and lets the creative play. I’m going into training the first of May so I’ll be ready for this!
About Pauletta:
Pauletta Hansel’s poetry collections include The Lives We Live in Houses (Wind Publications) and What I Did There (Dos Madres Press). Her poetry and essays appear hither and yon. She leads programs in Cincinnati and beyond, and is Writer-in-Residence at Thomas More College. Pauletta co-edits Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel.
“Baking Poems” (6/2/13)
“Miracles” (6/3/13)
“The Door is Round and Open*” (6/4/13)
“I Mean to Tell You” (6/5/13)
“Listening” (6/6/13)
“The safest place” (6/7/13)
“Translation” (6/8/13)
“The Hermitage” (6/11/13)
“Lethargy” (6/12/13)
“The Labyrinth” (6/13/13)
“Last Morning” (6/14/13)
“Your Voice” (6/17/13)
“Visits from Kin” (6/19/13)
“Housekeeping, August 1899” (6/20/13)
“Granny” (6/21/13)
“This Is Not a Poem” (6/22/13)
“Shopping with My Mother” (6/24/13)
“My Mother’s PT” (6/25/13)
“My Grandmother Speaks from Beyond” (6/29/13)
“Seven By Seven” (6/30/13)

Elizabeth Beck (signed up April 25th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate with this project because I believe that deadlines and consistent writing are the keys to success. I enjoy collaborative work and do not get to participate in group efforts very often, so reading other people’s work is very inspiring for me. I want to continue to be a role model for the Teen Howl Poets by challenging myself to work, work and work again. I teach them what I will practice: Writing is not an event; writing is a process.
About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Beck lives on a pond with her family in Lexington, Kentucky. She is the author of two books, insignificant white girl by Evening Street Press and Interiors by Finishing Line Press. She is the founder of the Teen Howl Poetry Series that serves the youth of central Kentucky.
“Jazz Personae Poem #1” (6/1/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #2 (6/2/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #3 (6/3/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #4 (6/4/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #5 (6/5/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #6 (6/6/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #7 (6/7/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #8 (6/8/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #9 (6/9/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #10 (6/10/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #11 (6/11/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #12 (6/12/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #13 (6/13/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #14 (6/14/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #15 (6/15/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #16 (6/16/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #17 (6/17/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #18 (6/19/13)
Jazz Personae Poem #19 (6/20/13)

Douglas Self (signed up April 18th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Any reason to write poems is a damn good reason to write poems.
About Doug:
Doug Self is a poet who is disinterested in personal bios and inspired by those who choose to seek inspiration, hope, faith, and experience to better their writing.
“Siberia” (6/1/13)
“Novelty” (6/2/13)
“lured into the lunacy of self” (6/3/13)
“Lumped Together With Historical Bigots” (6/4/13)
“tired at a funeral (A.K.A.: A Crappy Poem)” (6/5/13)
“Life” (6/6/13)
“The Restless” (6/7/13)
“Hitler and the Devil” (6/8/13)
“Choice” (6/9/13)
“Never Learned to be a Man” (6/10/13)
“Thwarting My Demise” (6/11/13)
“List Poem of Bias and Indifference” (6/12/13)
“Sweet Land of Something” (6/13/13)
“Blotto” (6/14/13)
“Stalemate” (6/15/13)
“No Need for Coffee” (6/17/13)
“The Blood Spilled in Defense of Indifference” (6/20/13)
“Nothing to Offer” (6/22/13)
“Invisible Walls of Segregation” (6/23/13)
“Evening is not Kind to a Morning Dove” (6/24/13)
“It all goes to Hell if cover is blown” (6/26/13)
“Recycling my Thoughts” (6/27/13)
“The show must go on (7×7 prompt)” (6/28/13)
“The Sky is Falling?” (6/29/13)
“Who Knows” (6/30/13)

Allie Marini Batts (signed up April 18th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Because sleep is overrated.
About Allie:
Allie Marini Batts is an MFA candidate at Antioch University of Los Angeles, meaning she can explain deconstructionism, but cannot perform simple math. Her work has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. She is promotion and distribution editor for Antioch University’s Lunch Ticket magazine, and she is an associate reader for Spry Literary Journal, as well as a contributing book reviewer for The Bookshelf Bombshells. Her chapbook, “You Might Curse Before You Bless” was published in 2013 by ELJ Publications. Find her on Facebook.
“This Golden Age” (6/1/13)
“’67 Black Impala” (6/2/13)
“Al Fresco” (6/3/13)
“Boneseeds” (6/4/13)
“Faithless Fire” (6/5/13)
“Circe Imagines Herself in Lepidoptery” (6/6/13)
“And When She Tasted of Knowledge, Her Eyes Were Opened” (6/7/13)
“Controlled Burn” (6/8/13)
“Pussy Pass” (6/26/13)
“Here Comes Hell” (6/27/13)

Chris McCurry (signed up April 18th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want the drive to write everyday and to share that experience with the people in my community as I learn more about myself, them, and this place we love and call home.
About Chris:
Christopher McCurry lives in Lexington with his daughter and soon-to-be wife where he teaches at Lafayette High School and interns at Accents Publishing.
“Body Language” (6/1/13)
“The Wasp” (6/3/13)
“Ants Searching for Food on Your Desk” (6/6/13)
“The Cruel Joke” (6/13/13)
“Body Language 2” (6/19/13)
“My Father Loses an Argument” (6/21/13)
“Day Of” (6/22/13)
“Shaking a Big Man’s Hand” (6/27/13)
“A Poseable Man: Pose 11” (6/28/13)
“Daughter” (6/30/13)

Bianca Spriggs (signed up April 17th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Marathon writing challenges have produced some of my best work, in part because I knew members of my personal writing circle were writing and reading along and it reminds me of a kind of collaborative energy which I thrive upon as an artist. This is an exciting prospect to widen the scope and write alongside such a supportive and generous community of hometown poets!
About Bianca:
Affrilachian Poet and Cave Canem Fellow, Bianca Spriggs, is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Lexington, Kentucky. The recipient of a 2013 Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship in Poetry, Bianca  is the author of, Kaffir Lily and How Swallowtails Become Dragons. In partnership with the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association, she is the creator of The SwallowTale Project, a creative writing workshop designed for incarcerated women and serves as the current Management Editor of pluck! The Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture.
“Anti-Ritual” (6/3/13)
“Where the artist’s anatomy begins” (6/4/13)
“Adaptation Riddle” (6/5/13)
“Piecemeal” (6/7/13)
“Reverie VIII” (6/8/13)
“Witness” (6/11/13)
“Separation Anxiety” (6/14/13)
“Reverie X” (6/18/13)
“Reverie XI” (6/21/13)
“Sky Lift” (6/22/13)
“The Galaxy is a Dance Floor” (6/24/13)
“Captive” (6/27/13)
“This Is How You Must Love Me” (6/29/13)
“When to Drown” (6/30/13)

Jeremy Paden (signed up April 16th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Because Accents deserves my participation. Because Morris deserves my participation. Because Lexington deserves my participation. Just because.
About Jeremy:
Jeremy Dae Paden was born in Italy and raised in Central America and the Caribbean. He received his Ph.D. in Latin American literature from Emory. His poems have appeared in such places as the Atlanta Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Cortland Review, Louisville Review, Naugatuck River Review, pluck! and Rattle, among other journals and anthologies. Accents Publishing has recently published his first collection of poems. He is an associate professor of Spanish and Latin American literature at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky and a member of the Affrilachian Poets.
“Puertorican” (6/1/13)
“Further East of Eden” (6/2/13)
“The Angel of Ephemera” (6/3/13)
“The Angel of Bathroom Graffiti” (6/4/13)
“For Soured Milk” (6/5/13)
“The Captain Looks Out on the Sargasso Sea” (6/6/13)
“The Captain Looks to the Sky For Help” (6/7/13)
“Some Say the Captain Had a Secret Map” (6/8/13)
“The Captain like a Lover Sees” (6/9/13)
“When Forty Winters…” (6/10/13)
“The Angel of Impulsive Purchases” (6/11/13)
“The Angel of Obsolete Technologies” (6/12/13)
“The Captain Wonders Why The World Has Turned Against Him” (6/13/13)
“The Angel of the Morning After” (6/14/13)
“My Mistress’ Eyes Are…” (6/15/13)
“Some Days Are Like” (6/16/13)
“The Legend of the Serpent” (6/17/13)
“The Turtle and the Buzzard” (6/18/13)
“Juan Crisóstomeo Policarpo Cano y Cano Writes to His Uncle” (6/19/13)
“Of Strawberries and Cannibals” (6/20/13)
“Natural History of the Featherless Aquatic Chicken” (6/21/13)
Poem 22 (6/22/13)
“The Angel of Burned Out Headlights” (6/23/13)
“Poem 24” (6/24/13)
“Poem 25” (6/25/13)
“The Captain Knows the World Is Littered With Signs” (6/26/13)
“The Captain Dreams of His Sons” (6/27/13)
“A Seven Word Poem” (6/28/13)
June 29th poem (6/29/13)
“Anecdote of the Jar” (6/30/13)

Leigh Anne Hornfeldt (signed up April 13th, 2013)
About Leigh Anne:
A Kentucky native, Leigh Anne Hornfeldt’s work has appeared widely in journals and placed in several contests. In 2012 she was the recipient of theKudzu Prize in Poetry and her debut chapbook, East Main Aviary, was released through Flutter Press. Currently she is co-editing an anthology of bourbon related poetry due for publication July 2013.
“My Son Opens a Trumpet on his 8th Birthday” (6/2/13)
“Ecstatic Vein” (6/3/13)
“The Turnstiles Break and My Husband Is Stuck at Work” (6/4/13)
“Therapy” (6/5/13)
“The Chiropractor Wants to Write a Love Note” (6/6/13)
“Catwoman’s Vinyl Suit Offers Succor” (6/7/13)
“I’ve Always Been Afraid to Do that Thing Where I Put My Head Down and Roll” (6/8/13)
“Trust Me, You’re Gonna Love This (or, an Anti-Love Love Poem)” (6/9/13)
“Poem for T” (6/10/13)
“What I Remembered After” (6/11/13)
“When It Doesn’t Work Out” (6/12/13)
“Therapy #2” (6/13/13)
“How to Choose Azaleas” (6/14/13)
“What to Do When You’re Locked out of Your Home” (6/15/13)
“A Small Request upon Leaving” (6/16/13)
“In Its Entire Life a Bee Will Only Make One Teaspoon of Honey” (6/17/13)
“Batman Isn’t as Good in Bed as Everyone Thinks” (6/18/13)

Zachary Johnson (signed up April 13th, 2013)
About Zachary:
Fell in love with my stepsister, age 17—Dad kicked me out of the house. Built other peoples houses until I couldn’t stand the summer heat: Gradually moving south from Maine. Then, two years chanting church Slavonic. Married/divorced; Nursing school; Writing since September. Found something good recently—it made me smile.
June 1st (6/1/13)
“We are the Green Nudes” (6/2/13)
“Confessions of a Retired Builder” (6/3/13)
“note to self” (6/4/13)
“That Eyelock” (6/5/13)
“Ferberizing” (6/6/13)
“I Call This Poem Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing” (6/7/13)
“Instruction to a Desert Monk” (6/9/13)
“thank god for zithromax” (6/10/13)
“Vagabond” (6/11/13)
“I Came Over Late” (6/12/13)
“Shampoo Fetish” (6/14/13)
“Something Flickered” (6/15/13)
“Apostate Child” (6/16/13)
“thought on Pluto not being a planet” (6/17/13)
“Midlife” (6/18/13)
“the typist” (6/19/13)
“Birdlove” (6/20/13)
“***” (6/21/13)
“Parallax Moments” (6/22/13)
“Courtship in Anchorage, June 21” (6/23/13)
“Jenae” (6/24/13)
“The Problem of Palindromes” (6/25/13)
“The Perpetuity of My Fucked-Up Love Life” (6/26/13)
“Trinity” (6/28/13)
“Friday Downtown” (6/29/13)
“During Pride” (6/30/13)

Christopher Miller (signed up April 13th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I decided to participate in Lexington Poetry Month to challenge myself to stop making excuses and write regularly.  Lexington has a wonderful, supportive community of poets and I wish to be part of this shared endeavor.  I look forward to being inspired by everyone’s contributions.
About Christopher:
Christopher Miller is a Yankee who migrated to the Lexington area in 2004.  An avid reader of poetry, he began writing his own verse in early 2012.  He is a practicing Buddhist who enjoys reading, meditation, playing guitar, and watching the birds at his feeders.
“Radiohead on a Sunday Afternoon” (6/2/13)
“Field Guide Entry for the Brown-Eyed Oddball” (6/8/13)
“Succor Bleu!” (6/9/13)
“Hygiene” (6/10/13)
“Primping Jay” (6/15/13)
“Until Next Time” (6/19/13)
Untitled (6/28/13)

Whitney Collins (signed up April 12th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I currently write a lot of humorous poetry, but wrote primarily serious poetry in college. I’d like to take on the challenge of a poem a day for a month while combining my two styles.
About Whitney:
I’m the author of The Hamster Won’t Die. I’m the editor of the humor sites errant parent and The Yellow Ham. My writing appears on The Huffington Post, McSweeney’s, The Weeklings, The Dead Mule, The Big Jewel, Loop, and Story: Kentucky Has One To Tell. I do “literary standup” at local open mics. Me on Twitter: @theunpoet.
“Today at the Park” (6/1/13)
“I Love Them This Much (You Can’t See How Close My Hands Are When I Demonstrate How Much)” (6/2/13)
“Let’s Name Her Harriet” (6/3/13)
“First World Haiku” (6/4/13)
“Thanks a Lot, Michael Douglas” (6/5/13)
“Good to Know” (6/6/13)
“To All the Friends I’ve Lost Before” (6/7/13)
“June 8” (6/8/13)
“Not the Best Traveler” (6/9/13)
“If Trader Joe Was A Funeral Director” (6/10/13)
“When I Officially Gave Up, a haiku” (6/11/13)
“I’ll Bring The Barefoot, You Bring the Contessa” (6/12/13)
“It’s Your Mother Calling” (6/13/13)
“Congratulations, Deaf People!” (6/14/13)
“You Can Say That Again” (6/15/13)
“I Probably Watch Too Much Paula Deen” (6/16/13)
“At Dawn” (6/17/13)
“I’m a Private Person” (6/18/13)
“Basic Instinct” (6/19/13)
“My Apologies to Kenny Loggins (or What the Song ‘Footloose’ Has Always Sounded Like To Me)” (6/20/13)
“Falls From Grace” (6/21/13)
“Soul Mates’ (6/22/13)
“You Can’t Blame Him” (6/23/13)
“Chipotle Haiku #2” (6/24/13)
“Delta Flight 6096 With Service From New York’s LaGuardia to Your Watery Grace” (6/25/13)
“Give Me Back My iPad So Help Me God Why Aren’t You Kids Signed Up For Some Camp” (6/26/13)
“God Damn You, Old Navy” (6/27/13)
“Things I See In The Clouds” (6/28/13)
“Seven New Deadly Sins” (6/29/13)
“Kentucky, I Love You” (6/30/13)

Julian Deville (signed up April 11th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Primarily I’m writing for hope of escaping the teen writing scene, and getting published where people will consider my work regardless of who I am. Also, my father is participating and has “challenged me”.
About Julian:
I’m Julian DeVille, I’m 18 and in SCAPA writing at Lafayette high school. When my pen’s out of ink I tend to DJ, bike, game, and program computers. Sometimes these things creep into my poetry, sometimes my poetry creeps into them. Super profundo on the early eve of your day.
“Meliorist” (6/2/13)
“American Poem” (6/3/13)
“Yellow” (6/4/13)
“Too much thought” (6/5/13)
“Visitor” (6/6/13)
“how to write” (6/10/13)
“internal” (6/12/13)
“The Machine in the Garden (for Whitney)” (6/14/13)
“Death by self reflection” (6/15/13)
“Grace” (6/21/13)
“you met me at a strange time in my life” (6/22/13)
“Warrior’s Sleep” (6/24/13)
“afraid” (6/29/13)

Bernie Deville (signed up April 11th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Any project that makes more poetry accessible to readers is time well invested, so my son and I challenged each other to go for it. Ok, challenged might be too nice a phrase for the exchange of words, but we are both looking forward to the exercise of flexing our poetic muscles!
About Bernie:
Bernie Deville teaches Humanities at the Montessori Middle School of Ky. after a fifteen year career in bookselling. A lifelong poet, his latest collection Many Directions is available at the Morris Bookshop. He lives in Lexington with his wife Barbara, and his son Julian.
“A Pen with Her Lips” (6/1/13)
“Bulbs of Droplets” (6/2/13)
“Ceramic” (6/2/13)
“Bent” (6/3/13)
“Lunar” (6/4/13)
“Shuffling Up From Kentucky Fields” (6/5/13)
“Artemis” (6/7/13)
“The School” (6/8/13)
“Excavating” (6/9/13)
“Déjà Vu news” (6/10/13)
“Graveyard Grip” (6/11/13)
” You, On the Sidewalk” (6/12/13)
“Skeleton Dream Keys” (6/13/13)
“Blattidae, With a Single Hieroglyph” (6/14/13)
“The Literary Theory of Relationships” (6/15/13)
“Wakened” (6/16/13)
“Humans: the Comic Book” (6/17/13)
“In Heels, In the Window” (6/18/13)
“Smiling Vegetable Song” (6/19/13)
“The Amazing Linking Rings” (6/20/13)
“Modernist Beginnings” (6/21/13)
“NewRomancer” (6/22/13)
“Triggers” (6/23/13)
“Talk About Anything But the Meaningful” (6/24/13)
“Ego Meets Earth” (6/25/13)
“Bellerophon Dreams of Flight” (6/26/13)
“The Clothes Were From Sears” (6/27/13)
“The Maze” (6/28/13)
“Freudian Slips” (6/29/13)
“Collecting Blank Notebooks” (6/30/13)

Nettie Farris (signed up April 11th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I was in search of a project to keep my mind occupied and out of trouble and along came a notice about this challenge in my mail box. I wouldn’t mind promoting writing as a practice. The poems themselves, in the scheme of things, aren’t really all that important, though I don’t mind a good poem every now and then, to keep me going.
About Nettie:
Nettie’s debut collection of poems, Communion, is forthcoming from Accents Publishing.
“Forgiveness” (6/1/13)
“Alphabet Soup” (6/2/13)
“In a Station of the Metro” (6/3/13)
“Wildflower” (6/4/13)
“Princess” (6/5/13)
“Body Fluids” (6/6/13)
“Canary” (6/7/13)
“Occupation” (6/8/13)
“Distraction” (6/9/13)
“Scientific Method” (6/10/13)
“Confusion” (6/11/13)
“Organization” (6/12/13)
“Words” (6/13/13)
“Procrastination” (6/14/13)
“Interesting” (6/16/13)
“Severance: After the Accident” (6/17/13)
“Persona Poem” (6/18/13)
“Evangeline” (6/19/13)
“Solitude” (6/20/13)
“Detachment” (6/21/13)
“You Can’t Share Raisin Bran” (6/22/13)
“What n Said to n” (6/23/13)
“The Big Bang” (6/24/13)
“You Are an Idiot” (6/25/13)
“You Are Not a Train” (6/26/13)
June 27th poem (6/27/13)
“Dunbar’s Number” (6/28/13)
“Fat Crayon” (6/29/13)
“Reconciliation” (6/30/13)

E. K. Mortenson (signed up April 11th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
Awesome idea and I am about to embark on a new book project and this event will catalyze at least half the collection!  Plus, I love Lexington!
About E. K.:
E. K. Mortenson is the author of the chapbooks, The Fifteenth Station (Accents Publishing, 2012) and Dreamer or the Dream (Last Automat Press, 2010), as well as a full-length collection, What Wakes Us (Cervena Barva Press, forthcoming).  He writes and teaches in Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife and two children.
“simplicity of drawing trajectories in particle mechanics” (6/7/13)
“the quantity of persistent motion” (6/10/13)
“the existence of interference patterns” (6/12/13)
“there can be either constructive or destructive interference” (6/13/13)
“a chain of correlated consequences” (6/17/13)
“the battered ruins of classical physics” (6/18/13)
“a very different pictorial way of thinking” (6/22/13)
“a fairly straightforward type of partial differential equation” (6/26/13)
“the intervention of a conscious observer” (6/27/13)
“vision is partially veiled” (6/28/13)
“every act of measurement” (6/30/13)

Karen George (signed up April 9th, 2013)
Why did you sign up?
I want to participate in Lexington’s Poetry Month Writing Challenge because it will be a stretch for me to write a poem a day, and I need my poetry “muscles” toned. And I’m happy to be involved with independent presses and bookstores like Accents Publishing and The Morris Book Shop.
About Karen:
Karen George, author of Into the Heartland (Finishing Line Press, 2011), has received grants from The Kentucky Foundation for Women and The Kentucky Arts Council. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Louisville Review, Memoir, Border Crossing, Permafrost, Still, Kudzu, and The Heartland Review. She reviews poetry at:
“Lagniappe” (6/1/13)
“Invitation, No Regrets Accepted” (6/2/13)
“Erasure Haiku” (6/3/13)
“My Former Life” (6/6/13)
“Succor” (6/7/13)
“Our Mothers Didn’t Want Us There” (6/8/13)
“Animal Abodes” (6/9/13)
“Vessels” (6/10/13)
“Swathed” (6/11/13)
“Blessed be the bulbs” (6/12/13)
“What to Do During a Summer Rain” (6/13/13)
“Lap Practice” (6/14/13)
“Winter Hike in Carter Caves’ Box Canyon After an Ice Storm” (6/15/13)
“Fall Plots, Hills Feed & Seed” (6/16/13)
“One More Violation” (6/17/13)
“More Than an Idle Interest” (6/18/13)
“Scent Memory” (6/19/13)
“Covering Up” (6/20/13)
“Helix” (6/21/13)
“Speaking of Grace” (6/22/13)
“Turning Point” (6/23/13)
“Five Part Erasure” (6/24/13)
“Ann’s Owl” (6/25/13)
“Granulation” (6/26/13)
“Cessation” (6/27/13)
“Wreathe” (6/28/13)
“Erasure Haiku II” (6/29/13)
“Dining Alone” (6/30/13)

Hap Houlihan (signed up April 8th, 2013)
Why did he sign up?
Some portion of this challenge was his idea, so he felt relatively obliged to sign up.
About Hap:
Hap Houlihan is the manager of the Morris Book Shop. He has been a regular reader at the Holler Poets Series since 2010, and was a featured Holler Poet in June 2012. He lives in Lexington with his family.
“With Poetry” (6/1/13)
“you have to want to read this” (6/2/13)
“My Own Personal Saraswati” (6/3/13)
“Deadline” (6/6/13)
“What the attic taught me” (6/9/13)
#10 (6/10/13)
“Merkin Pie” (6/12/13)
“umm” (6/14/13)
“Howard Cohen” (6/15/13)
“#17” (6/17/13)
“Room for Everyone” (6/18/13)
“Breakfast Beer” (6/21/13)

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer (signed up April 8th, 2013)
About Katerina:
Katerina is the author of three poetry books, most recently The Porcupine of Mind (Broadstone Books, 2012). Her first poetry book, the bilingual The Air around the Butterfly (Fakel Express, 2009), won the 2010 Pencho’s Oak award, given annually to recognize literary contribution to contemporary Bulgarian culture.
“As above so below” (6/2/13)
“Succor” (6/7/13)
“How God Punishes” (6/11/13)
“Facts of Life” (6/12/13)
“How God Punishes” (6/13/13)
“How God Punishes” (6/18/13)
“Grace” (6/21/13)
“Severance” (6/24/13)
“How God Punishes” (6/27/13)
“How God Punishes” (6/29/13)