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Bianca Bargo on Keep Louisville Literary
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Bronson O'Quinn
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Yesterday morning, Bianca Bargo met the host of Keep Louisville Literary, Rachel Short, and talked about How I Became an Angry Woman, Workhorse, and the Gauntlet.

The recording begins with music. At about 3m24s, it cuts to a coffee shop interview with Matthew Haughton. At one point, Rachel Short interrupts the interview to say that traffic is heavy and that Bianca is on her way.

At 9m45s, Bianca’s interview begins. They chit-chat about not being a morning person even though she’s a school counselor at an Elementary School.

At 11m45s, Rachel asks about this interview with Christopher McCurry and talks about Workhorse, a writing collective founded by Accents Editor Christopher McCurry and former Accents Intern Robin LaMer-Rahija. Bianca describes it as being for people who aren’t in academia, don’t write as a normal part of their work lives. It has different arms, one of which is a year-long writing intensive called “The Gauntlet.” Bianca is currently in the first year of The Gauntlet.

At 16m50s, Bianca reads “Discovery” from How I Became an Angry Woman.

Bianca returns at 23m30 and talks about How I Became an Angry Woman. She talks about how the chapbook came out of a contest for Accents Publishing. Even though she didn’t win, Katerina asked if she would be interested in letting Accents publish the book.

Bianca reads, at 29m29s, the title poem: “How I Became an Angry Woman”.

To hear more from Keep Louisville Literary, click here for an interview with Christopher McCurry.

How I Became an Angry Woman can be found at the Accents Store.

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