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Tangential Passage
article by
Rae Cobbs
LexPoMo 2016 Poems submitted during the Lexington Poetry Month 2016 Writing Challenge

Sweet blood, tobacco in the air
lifts conversation to a plane so rare
that I can see the Indian red tobacco grow
at the overflow end of the chicken row
and feel the sanctity of an inner office
where a friend hides in authority.
Trust takes me back to certainty
in even my meanderings.
I sit again at the melamine surface
of the trailer’s fold-out table where
I was given license to know.  

I praise the providence my parents
gave me, setting me out underneath
the stars. Grandparents, teachers,
suspicious friends, I thank you all.
I witness glory in consumption,
the poets’ feeding frenzy,
floating their identities past Mars.  

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