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“Escape Artists at the Movies” by Barbara Sabol
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Bronson O'Quinn

Original RuseWe savor the syncopated repartee
from perfectly bowed lips.
Connoisseurs of the blinding smile,
we watch for foreshadowing
in the vaulted darkness, say ah ha
when the scissors she used to trim
anniversary roses hover
above his heart.

They invite what frightens us most –
easy betrayal, the slow simmer, truth.
Afterward, cast back
into our ordinary shoes,
we shuffle between screen
and sedan, united
by the intrigue, the predictable

At home, I pour wine, undo
a button, shuffle cards at the table
while he shifts in his chair, clears
his throat, turns the page
of a novel.

Barbara Sabol,
Original Ruse (2011)
Accents Publishing

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Barbara SabolBarbara Sabol’s poetry and prose has appeared in Public-RepublicBlood LotusPoets 350, the Tupelo Press Poetry Project,Tributaries, and on the Akron Art Museum’s website. She has an MFA from Spalding University. Barbara is a long-practicing speech therapist, living in northeastern Ohio with her partner and dogs.

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